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Shondria Williamson - Owner/Coach

B.S. Chemistry,   Georgia Southwestern State University
M.B.A. ,   Georgia Southwestern State University
B.S.  Environmental Management,  Columbia Southern University

CrossFit Level I Trainer
CrossFit Olympic Lifting
CrossFit Coaches Course (in progress)
Texas High School Power Lifting Association (Meet judge and coach)
ISSA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (in progress)

Woodlands- Lift Strong Run Fast  (6th place)
Bayou City Crawfish MegaFest- Team competition  (1st place)
CrossFit Houston Women's Challenge
Pasadena 5K    (2nd in my age group)
The Warehouse Gym Strength Competition  (1st place )
College Station BCS
Battle Buddy Charity Workout
2012Oktoberfest Obliteration Team Challenge
2013 Crossfit Caveman Partner Competiton (3rd place)
2013 SPX Female Team Competition (2nd place)
2013 Crossfit Victorious Forever Young Challenge –Individual (1st place)

2012 Crossfit South Central Regionals 
2012 Get Fit or Die Myan 
2013 Crossfit Redfined Competiton 

Training Philosophy:

I have the usual background. I have been athletic all my life. Preferring to throw around the football with the boys rather than play dolls with girl cousins. However, even with my years of high school, college sports, and even teaching aerobics and weight training at local gyms, nothing has impacted my life like CrossFit. 

I was introduced to the sport by a friend over 2 years and it went from there. I started with trainers that taught me the basic functional movements of CrossFit and became hooked every since. No.. i wasn't learning a lot of new movements, but the way that CrossFit puts together movements changed my whole outlook on fitness.  I participated in workouts that took me to the next level of fitness. The exact thing I had been craving for.  Through months of training, my love for CrossFit grew. I began to compete in competitions and absorb all that CrossFit stood for and reflected. Soon, with the background I already possessed, it was then I realized I wanted to train others to achieve workouts they never thought possible.  My mission is to educate, motivate and inspire individuals to achieve personal goals.  Whether that be to run a marathon, build muscle, lose weight or just become a healthy individual.

Opening this gym is my greatest accomplishment to date. Being able to do what I enjoy most and to teach others how to become healthier is a passion.   Getting results matter to me. I take pride in being a CrossFit trainer and strive to stay true to my product as my gym grows. It excites me to be able to share CrossFit with you!

email:  swilliamson@crossfitgraffiti.com
Facebook: Crossfit Graffiti

Tim Broadous - Coach

I’ve competed in sports throughout my entire life – football, wrestling, and powerlifting. After my time in those sports were over, I constantly searched for new outlets that could challenge me in ways similar to my previous activities – I joined the powerlifting team second year of college and started participating in mixed martial arts. However, after discovering CrossFit I knew I had found something that would challenge me in ways none of those sports ever had or ever could. I’ve had great experiences since my start in the CrossFit lifestyle – I’ve gained mental and physical strength, and increased my overall knowledge of sport, the human body, efficient movement, and nutrition. This lifestyle has afforded me wonderful opportunities as an athlete and as a person; I’ve extended my family and grown as a person in ways I didn’t imagine when I initially decided to begin CrossFit.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer – In Progress

2013: Share Your Strength CrossFit Challenge – Individual
2013: Bryan-College Stations (BCS) Games – Individual
2013: Alamo City Throwdown – Team
2013: Pearland CrossFit Fall Classic – Team

Andre Francois - Strength Trainer and Coach

Owner of Fitness 614
CEO of Hypergenetics
20 plus years as a consultant
Personal Trainer
Competitive body builder

US Olympic Weightlifting Federation
International Weightlifting Federation
National Institute of Preventive Medicine (NIPM) 
Black Belt – Taekwondo
Black Belt – Karate
Black Belt – Vietnamese Kung Fu

Specializing Training:
Weight Loss – Weight Gain
Fitness Conditioning
Body Sculpting
Nutritional Guidance
Cardiovascular Conditioning
One on One Kickboxing Training
One on One Kettlebell Training
One on One Personal Training
Sports Specific Training

email: andrefrancois@crossfitgraffiti.com

Ana Roberson - Assistant Coach

Associates in Criminal Justice

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer - In progress

2012 Clear Creek CrossFit Challenge
2012 Battle Buddy 57 - Bayou City
2012 Bring the Heat 3 -

2012 Oktoberfest Obliteration IV
2012 Slaybell Showdown

Training Philosophy:
"You don’t have to go faster, but don't slow down!" - Julie Foucher

I've been involved in sports and fitness my entire life, from Soccer to Softball to Volleyball. I was introduced to CrossFit in 2011 and haven't looked back since. I live, breath, sweat CrossFit. Through all the sports I've been involved with, I've never been challenged physically or mentally the way I have with CrossFit. I love the way the sport pushes me beyond what I believe I am capable of doing. It has motivated me to continue a path of elite health and fitness and pursue my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification, so that I can help others in achieving their goal, no matter your stage in life or athletic endeavor.

email: aroberson@crossfitgraffiti.com


BS Chemistry, Texas Southern University
MS Chemical Engineering, Prairie View A&M, 2014
Crossfit Katy Bring the Heat (3rd
Bryan College Station (BCS) Classic (2nd
Trinity Competition The Alamo City Throwdown (team)
Crossfit Pearland Fall Classic (team)
Clear Creek Fitness Challenge (team)
Mayhen at Moody Gardens (1st place)

I have been actively involved with sports for as long as I can remember.Instead of playing with normal things that girls play with, I chose abasketball over Barbie dolls and ballerina shoes for track spikes. The greatest accomplishment that has come with being involved with sports was earning an athletic and academic scholarship to Texas Southern University.After competing for 3 1?2 years, I searched for outlets to stay physically fit.
Shortly after graduation, a friend introduced me to the sport of Crossfit.After completing my first WOD, I was hooked. Being involved in this sport has allowed me to have a new love for fitness but it has also taught me to be physically and mentally tough while applying these strengths to everyday life situations. Being apart of the Graffiti family has inspired me to be an inspiration through training and continued motivation to others while continuing to grow in this sport.