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Graffiti Fundamentals

For those who are ready to cross over to the BIG BOYS AND GIRLS play area, CrossFit, this class is your required intro. This fundamentals class is a 4 week program designed to introduce you to the technical movements that are performed in the actual CrossFit class.

This 4 Week program is designed to:

  • Introduce CrossFit Principles, Methods, and Standards of Fitness
  • Define "Total Fitness" within the CrossFit Concept
  • Improve Everyday Movement Patterns and Define Functional Fitness
  • Teach training methods that demonstrate results
  • Empower people to reclaim their health and fitness by committing to the process

The classes will REQUIRE REGULAR ATTENDANCE. Classes will be offered three times a week: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday morning group training will be optional for clients as it will be added into the class schedule. Each of the weekly classes will build on what was taught in the class before it, so it is imperative that you are present. Fundamental classes will be small to ensure that each client receives effective training and personal attention. The fourth week of the class will be where clients are merged into an actual CrossFit class to perform a modified version of the workout, and get the CrossFit experience before becoming CrossFit members!!

Fundamentals package comes with free Graffiti T-Shirt.

*New class offered every Third Monday